Singer DIAMOND And ZARI Already Planning For Another Baby?

Celebrity couple Diamond and Zari are planning for baby number two barely 7 months after welcoming baby Tiffah into the world.

During a recent interview with Tanzania's Risasi, Diamond revealed that Zari had given him something none of his former girlfriends could give him by bearing his child and giving him a family he could call his own. 

He further revealed that Zari is ready to grow their family and so Tiffah will soon be getting siblings .

"I love children and the good thing is that God gave me someone who loves kids too. So I see no problem of having another baby with her soon, even two if God allows,’’ he said.

Diamond's wife Zari came into the union with three boys from her former marriage and now Tiffah whom she bore with Diamond.

Word on the street in December 2015 was that Diamond had already undertaken the adoption of the other 3 children.

Some fans from Diamond's Ex-girlfriend's camp however have taken Diamond's interview as a jab at Wema Sepetu who recently lost her 3 month old unborn twins. 


Do you think Diamond did the interview maliciously or he is genuinely just happy to be growing his new family?


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