Coke Studio Africa Season III Divas VICTORIA KIMANI And DAMA DO 'Takeover'!!!

Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani signed to Nigeria’s Chocolate City and rapper/singer from Mozambique Dama Do Bling (Bling Lady) have come together in a monster collaboration: “Taking over”.

Victoria is back on Coke Studio Africa for the new 2015 season, following a steamy ballad performance with Nigeria's Flavour in the show’s second season. Their version of Flavour’s “Ada Ada” stands as the Most Watched Coke Studio Africa video on YouTube so far, with over a million views. If you thought their pairing and chemistry was to reckon, think twice because this year Miss Kimani has been paired with Bongo’s King Kiba – best known as Alikiba. They will be collaborating in the show's new mash-up format style. This year, trust the “Show” and “Prokoto” singer to make the best of her versatile style to capture audiences across East Africa all the way to the West.

Victoria is causing ripples in the Nigerian and Kenyan music scenes. So much that while at Coke Studio Africa, she just got crowned the Most Downloaded Female Artist in Africa (17 countries) at Mdundo Awards 2015 pioneered by – Africa’s fast growing music download service founded in Kenya.

The songstress set to release the video of “Two of Dem” featuring Channel O VJs Vannesa Mdee (also Coke Studio Africa season III diva) from Tanzania and Moozlie of South Africa.

Victoria Kimani is among a crop of Africa’s most talented musicians and producers selected this year to feature in upcoming new season of Coke Studio Africa. The superstars represent a great wealth of music from Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mozambique and Uganda. For the first time these artistes will collaborate in a unique format of mash-ups - the latest trend in the global music industry. “A celebration of African music” being its core element, Coke Studio Africa’s new season will feature performances and collaborations from popular artists who have made a mark on their local music scene.


Watch 'Takeover' Below;