OUCH!!: Rapper OCTOPIZZO 'Burns' Curious Fan On Social Media!!!

 A nosy fan recently got burned by Octoppizo on social media after she went asking about his baby mama.

You see, Octo had shared a picture collage of himself and his two daughters when a fan posted a comment asking, "I just wana know one thing, where is the other baby mama? As in your first born's mum?" 

Octopizzo took it all in a stride and curtly responded with one word, "Google."

As usual, there were other fans on the scene urging him to calm down whilst others chose to see the lighter side of the burn.

The fan in question was however not amused, she even began to question her loyalties saying, "Why so much hate octo? Jus askin. I was ur fan but now am thinkin twice," though the response never came.

Here's the photo that sparked the whole conversation;