Photos From Lupita Nyongo's Past Surface!!!

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'Chilling': The Yale School of Drama graduate - who shaved her head at 19 - was born in Mexico, raised in Kenya, and now resides in Brooklyn


Sexually explicit photos of Hollywood's Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o before she took over Hollywood have been released to media and have gone viral.

Now before you start judging her, these photos were taken for a good cause. 

One of the biggest roles she played before her big international debut, was that of a young promiscuous lady named 'Anyira' in a Kenyan Sex-education series dubbed 'Shuga'. 

She was dating two men in the series, that aired about 5 years ago courtesy of MTV Base.  As Anyira, she ends up in danger, fearing she may have contracted the HIV virus.

The show was a major hit in Africa receiving acclamation even internationally. 

In 2010, Lupita was interviewed regarding the series and this is what she had to say,"I think one thing [Shuga] is trying to do is talk about how HIV and AIDS is not a death sentence.[HIV] is a condition that can be managed, if one chooses to do so, if one catches it early on you can live a healthy life with HIV. I’ve been able to be an ambassador for HIV and AIDS."

At that point in time, that was a major role and nationwide, newspapers were all the rave about Lupita. She has now gone to even higher heights.

Check out some of the photos doing rounds from her scenes in shuga;

Juggling two men: But even that sequence gets transformed into a love scene when her boyfriend Ty unexpectedly joins her from behind


Drama: The advertising CEO's daughter then interrupts the frisky pair



Caught in the act: Lupita's college student character is often in various states of undress throughout the series.


Getting down: In a previous encounter with her older boss, the flawless It Girl straddles his lap wearing little more than a black lacy bra

'Are you sleeping with anyone else?' Felix asked and when Ayira said no he added: 'Then there's no problem, is there?'


'You got what you wanted, right? Now it's my turn,' wealthy Felix said, kissing Ayira over a conference table


Workplace tryst: In the three-part first season, the 31-year-old actress played ambitious go-getter Ayira, who sleeps with her boss at Maverick Advertising


'Where are my jeans?' Between school, a waitress job, a boyfriend, and supporting her mother - Nyong'o is literally rushing from scene to scene, even in her panties


PSA: The show's numerous steamy sex scenes proved a great way to raise HIV/AIDS awareness, and by the third part Ayira discovers she might have contracted the deadly disease