Critics TRASH Rapper KRISTOFF's New Track 'PIGHAA'! (AUDIO)

When Kenyan rapper Kristoff dropped a new hairstyle by dyeing his hair blonde, not much was said, which meant that his fans still thought he was cool, well, that is until he decided to drop his latest track 'Pighaa'.

It turns out his fans and haters equally agree that it is his biggest fail yet, ever since his entry into the music industry.

He dropped the audio on YouTube and soon found himself trending on twitter as critics expressed their disapproval at the 'poor lyrics' of the song.

They wrote,

> #Pighaa_Kristoff is bull CRAP! the joke of the year, it should not go past his YOUTUBE! WTF?? 

> lets talk the truth #pighaa_kristoff is a total fail! this one he knocked on the corner stone

> Just to be honest, lyrics za @KRISTOFF_kenya ziko down sana ata heri za @timmytdat #Pighaa_Kristoff

> not feeling it at all #Pighaa_Kristoff

> What crap did kristoff sing!!!! was the producer serious with his work?????!!!!!! #Pighaa_Kristoff

> Kristoff look for a writer you can sing but writing ua music will kill your career lyrics matters alot ask @RabbitTheKing #Pighaa_Kristoff

> this s the worst song i hv ever heard. full of shit, #Pighaa_Kristoff

> Kweli bhangi sio short form ya Kariobangi...sasa hii ngoma #Pighaa_Kristoff anasema nini? Nirudishiwe bundles zangu

> this trend : #Pighaa_Kristoff made me tafta the song on youtube..great beats but no sense in its content..

> Kenya cannot compete musically in Africa if its music loves keep promoting songs like this #Pighaa_Kristoff

> Kristoff aliuza shamba Busia then came to Nairobi and ruined the Kenyan music industry 


Listen to the track below and let us know what you think;


Is it a HIT or FAIL?


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